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Social Media News: Facebook messenger Desktop version Coming this year.

Posted May 3, 2019     Posted in SMO/Social Media Optimization

  • Facebook is planning to soon pivot towards private conversations and generate more engagement on the in-built app ‘Messenger’.
  • In the annual conference, F8 developer #F8 #F82019 held by Facebook in San Jose California, company made official announcement.
  • Facebook Messenger desktop version to Windows and MAC is going to launch later this year.
  • FB Messenger is a messenger app & platform. Its originally developed as Facebook chat in 2008. Then company revamped its messaging service in 2010, & released in IOS & Android Apps subsequently .The messenger was first initially released on 9th August, 2011. Its developed under programming languages like Java Script, PHP, C++, Erlang.
  • Currently, Messenger is phone based app, required to chat with businesses, people and friends on Facebook. Considering the current news, trends and need of hour, Facebook is also going to make Messenger Private, fast, interoperable and really close to friends, family and business.
  • Now, the social media giant is going to release, a lighter version of existing app that will of size less than 30 MB to install and open in just 2 seconds . This project is named as ‘LightSpeed’ and it’s completely rebuilt from ground to new code base.
  • The desktop version of Facebook includes Audio calls, Group Video calls, project collaborations & other features that are familiar like mobile version.
  • The launch of desktop version might help this platform turn a profit by making it more attractive place with an increase in engagement & open avenues for Facebook Ads.
  • The Desktop version are in testing phase right now and will arrive globally “later this year,” the company said.