Our creativity has the power to turn your brand into pure gold. Rest assured that your brand is in safe hands-the hands with a Midas touch!

We combine creativity and thinking.

  • We understand colors, fonts, identity and their significance. From naming a product to creating a logo to a signature tune, you can bank on us.

  • Creating and preserving multiple impressions of brand, designing brochures, affiliate literature and other core branding material.

  • We understand how to stand out in a shelf. At 3 Dots Design we have a team of specialists who hold in-depth expertise in Packaging

  • Our expertise lies in designing brand strategies and stringing together resources to create synergic, uninterrupted experiential value for brands.

  • From the distinct to the daring to the dramatic, we bring to the fore an entire spectrum of possibilities to help brands stand out with their OOH presence.

  • Site branding, kiosks all come under the umbrella of ‘Environment Branding’. It’s used to fortify the effect of the communication on the spot.