All those Events & Exhibitions that we organise have a magnetic pull. We make sure that your target group sits up, takes notice and follows nothing but your brand!

Making your brand story ‘event’ful

All to add to the footfall and make it a success!

  • We ensure that the stall designs we make stand out making a distinct mark on the viewer’s mind and translate her excitement into action. We understand the space, branding principles and the practical knowledge on the different materials and processes needed to create the required effect.

  • We plan the Launch & other promotional events right from conceptualisation to execution. The events we organise are exclusive, impactful and include activities and events at the malls. These events promote the brand translating the TG’s curiosity to definite action.

  • The success of an event heavily depends on the high level of curiosity raised around it. We make sure that your event starts making waves even before it’s presented! All this makes you strike a chord with your target group, establish a rapport between you and them and gain maximum footage.